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Hi there! I’m Louise, the founder of Redwing Holistic Health. I’m passionate about helping people to make positive changes towards achieving optimal health. In our current world, we are all feeling more unhealthy, stressed, overworked, tired and burnt out and lifestyle illnesses such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and obesity are on the up! Our healthcare model in the UK is hugely reactive and relies on treating disease by spending money on expensive tests and pharmaceuticals. People are individuals and have any number of factors impacting them at any one time. By taking a holistic approach (looking at the whole person) in my case taking and looking at preventative measures, we can work together to support acheiving and maintaining optimal health and wellbeing. Instead of chasing symptoms, I consider possible root causes.

After jumping between jobs in different industries over the years and having my 3 children, at the age of 30 I made the decision to fulfil a lifelong ambition of becoming a Midwife. I graduated from the University of Greenwich in 2013 with a First-Class Honours degree in Midwifery, and after consolidating my knowledge and skills in a hospital setting my love of learning beckoned again. In 2015 I graduated from Canterbury Christ Church University with a postgraduate diploma in Specialist Community Public Health Nursing. This led to me taking up a role as a Health Visitor in the Medway area. I felt so privileged to care for families with young children in their homes and clinic settings. I loved community working, it enabled me to assess the health needs of the local population I was serving and adapt my practice. In 2018 I took up an opportunity to further develop my skills and started a role as a Specialist Health Visitor for Infant feeding and Healthy Weight. This involved giving breastfeeding support and working with individualised care plans. As part of my training, I completed a Level 7 Advanced Clinical Skills in Ankyloglossia Management course at Wolverhampton University, allowing me to assess for tongue ties and carry out tongue tie divisions on babies up to 6 months of age.

In 2020 I started studying with the College of Naturopathic Medicine to become a Health Coach and in January 2021 completed training with Qest4 in energetic testing. After years of NHS experience, I decided to use my knowledge and skills to set up my own business to create more flexibility and job satisfaction in my life. My own health story was my motivation to help others. In 2012, while studying for my degree, working 12 hour shifts in the hospital, caring for my family and working on assignments with tight deadlines, I became unwell, with what was written off as stress at the time. After pushing for further tests, I was found to have an autoimmune thyroid condition and prescribed medication by an endocrinologist. I turned to bio-energetic testing for support and found that wheat and gluten were causing a disresonance and I was depleted in many nutrients. I was able to make lifestyle changes and used the remedy to help balance myself. I managed to wean off the medication and put my thyroid condition into remission. In 2020 I became extremely unwell, after collapsing at home. When the left side of my face went numb and a series of neurological symptoms manifested, I was taken to A&E for a suspected stroke. In a short space of time, I became bed bound. Investigations were inconclusive and soon medical professionals wrote me off with stress and anxiety. I knew my body and I knew something was wrong. I turned to bio-energetic testing once again and the system showed informational patterns in relation to low levels of vitamin B12 and inflammation. This information allowed me to focus my GP on what tests to run and eventually I was diagnosed with pernicious anemia, which if left untreated can be deadly and lead to permanent neurological damage. After going through such a huge journey, both on a physical and emotional level, it made me re-evaluate aspects of my life and spurred me on to create a business doing what I love the most, helping people. Bio-energetic testing is truly brilliant and allows me to do exactly that!


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