Mother and Baby Package

During pregnancy, your body’s priority is your baby. The placenta provides your growing baby with all the oxygen and nutrients it needs to grow and develop. It can be normal to feel depleted after having a baby but looking after yourself is vital, your health is an investment. You have to matter, you have a family now. The early days can be challenging with a combination of lack of sleep, wondering whether ‘you are doing it right!’, anxiety and hormone levels fluctuating, its not surprising so many women feel overwhelmed. Nutrition is probably not top of the priority list at this time but it is essential to make sure you are getting the right balanced nutrition and that any imbalances are addressed to help you feel your best. The body works in such a way that it is designed to prioritise nutrients to your baby during breastfeeding, therefore ensuring a healthy diet is essential. Breastfeeding is a perfectly designed food for your baby and is easily absorbed for healthy development. It contains antibodies to help protect your baby from illness, it colonises the digestive tract with friendly bacteria, reduces the risks of acute and chronic health problems and helps to ensure the best possible health and developmental outcomes for your child. There are many reasons why a baby has not been able to be breastfed and it is important to not cast judgement, there are protective measures when it comes to introducing solid foods that can help assist gut health. Waiting until your baby is ready helps to know the digestive tract and immune system are mature enough so new foods can be tolerated, current guidelines recommend this to be around 6 months of age.

Other challenges can come in to play during the first few weeks and months; issues such as nappy rash, teething, breastfeeding or bottle-feeding difficulties, colic, wind, reflux and stool problems. Having a professional you trust to turn to for guidance can make all the difference. Redwing Holistic Health offer a mother and baby package which includes 4 x 1-hour consultations. The consultations can be spread out or as close together as the client wishes. It may be helpful to be seen during your pregnancy for 1 appointment and then again after the baby arrives or you may want all the support after baby arrives, it is completely up to you. Combining my years of experience as a Midwife, Health Visitor and Tongue-tie practitioner with the amazing technology of the Qest4 bio-energetic testing system allows us to work together for you and your baby.

If you would prefer a one-off appointment then this can also be arranged, call me for an informal chat and we can discuss your individual needs.