Pre-conception, fertility, pregnancy and childhood

Supporting your body with your menstrual cycle can assist with hormone imbalances and a regular cycle. Simple things like eating brassica vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage and kale can assist the liver to detox oestrogen. Healthy gut bugs are needed to assist in the removal of unwanted hormones and this can be helped by increasing fermented or cultured foods. Magnesium rich foods such as pumpkin seeds, avocado and bananas can help relieve cramping and omega-3 fatty acids such as those in oily fish can help to reduce inflammation. We can help with screening and assist you with feeling well prior to conceiving. Its good to ensure everything is in balance. Natural fertility can be boosted through diet and simple things such as cutting out or minimising junk food and reducing stress, can all be supportive. Eating organic wholefoods, having a daily intake of omega-3’s and good sources of vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, selenium and iron from natural sources is great. Screening for environmental toxins can be of benefit and it’s a good idea to minimise exposure especially during pregnancy; things such as cosmetics, deodorants, heavy metals and pesticides are all routes of toxin exposure.  When your little bundle arrives and throughout their childhood, it is important they get the right nourishment. Ideally babies should be breastfed for at least the first six months of life and when on solid foods they should be fed whole, fresh, seasonal and organic foods if possible. Your child will be more likely to opt for healthy foods if their taste buds have not been primed by sweets and refined carbohydrates. Food sensitivities in children have increased in recent years, we are able to provide non-invasive screening if you feel there may be foods that your child cannot tolerate or they are having digestive issues with, however, it is always best to rule out anything out with their GP first.